Anviloy® Tungsten Heavy Metal                    

Astaras, Inc. has been a leader in the tungsten industry since 2000, supplying North America with top quality private branded TIG tungsten electrodes as well as other products.


On April 7th 2014 Astaras acquired all rights and intellectual property to the ANVILOY® product line from the former CMW International Inc. Ross Wayman one of CMW's former sales managers was soon added to our team of heavy metal experts to serve as our sales manager for the Americas.


Working with our sister company Weldstone Rosenheim and utilizing the expertize of there managing directors Andreas Endemann and Thomas Hoehn that are known throughout the heavy metal industry as foremost experts the world over, it is our goal to become your partner, bringing you the solutions that your company requires to compete in todays market.


Our parent company the IBG Group from Cologne, Germany has been producing tungsten products for 16 years from their wholly owned manufacturing plant in Zibo, China. Recently the manufacturing facility was moved and expanded to a new state of the art plant in order to better serve our growing demands.

Astaras Building Largo, FL

Our newly opened (May 2014) state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Zibo China

Astaras, Inc.

6901 Bryan Dairy Road, Suite 160

Largo, Florida 33777